Chrome Browser

Chrome Memory Hog

One of our clients was commenting on how slow Chrome was running on their PC. Upon further investigating, we found ...
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3 quick tips to clear your Gmail emails

1. Configure Gmail and turn on the "inbox categories". See image below. Gmail is very good at filtering out emails ...
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Windows snipping tool

Tip: Capture Windows Screen

We have just discovered a new way to capture the windows screen. There is a tool called "snipping tool" which ...
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Tip: how to get mailto links to work in Chrome

This is a great tip on how to get mailto links to work in Chrome Go to gmail In the ...
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Happy New Year from the team @ Ever Better Systems

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2017. from the team @ Ever Better Systems ...
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CRIS Great Cloud Recruitment Software

Great recruitment software

When you decide to upgrade to some new software for your organisation there are a few things that you’ll need ...
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